High buildings

We have specially designed fire escape ladders for higher buildings. It appears as a thin strip on the wall and unfoldes to a full sized fire escape ladder. Safe and easy to use. You can also check out our new product! >> escape ladder 5-7,5 meters

  •      The escape ladder is almost invisible when not in use.
  •      Completely maintenance free.
  •      15 years warranty.
  •      Designed to bear as many people as will fit on it.
  •      Burglar safe due to locking bolt which can only be triggered from near the window of the house.
  •      Available in custom lengths to fit your home.
borettslag04 Greater requirements for stability - The Fire Ladder from X1 Escape Ladders is specially designed to withstand the extra strain involved in high rise buildings
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brannstige_hoyhus1 Release station on each floor - With the X1 Escape Ladders, you have the possibility to use the same ladder from every floor because each floor
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